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R_1_webThe brilliant light within this beautiful senior shines through in each image. Having known her since she was born, taking her senior portraits was extra special and bittersweet. She chose her grandparent’s home, the place her dad grew up, the place she visits throughout the year for holidays and celebrations, the place where grandpa’s lemons grow in abundance and his chopped wood is piled up for chilly evenings, the place her mom and dad spent many game nights during their dating days, the place her grandparents have made a home for all who visit. Each image shows glimpses of childhood memories, a perfect place to capture this moment in her life.

R_2_webR_3_webR_4_webR_5_webR_7a_web R_8_webWhile we were taking these portraits her mom, dad and sisters were just outside the images, suggesting spots, laughing together and just being a part of the morning. The love and support this family has for one another is seen in her smile, in the light in her eyes and the way she carries herself. The motivation, intelligence, focus and genuine full heart that Rachel possesses have already taken her so far, in what seems like a short time to me. As she continues onward every door is open, opportunities are yet to be explored, there are adventures to be found and so so much to experience.


Congratulations, Rachel! The rest of this year will go fast, soak up every bit of it, there is plenty of time for what is yet to come. xoxo


Poway, Ca

woven to give

This fluffy colorful creation is up for a giveaway on my Instagram account. It measures approximately 12 x 22 and was created by me using a variety of natural, hand-dyed, wool, cotton and metallic yarns…so soft you can’t help but touch it and may want to sleep on it. To enter the giveaway just enter a name suggestion on the Instagram post by Saturday, November 7th at noon pst and I’ll choose my favorite and announce the recipient of this one-of-a-kind handmade weaving on Monday, November 9th. So excited to see what names everyone comes up with and to send this beauty off to its home.

here to shine

This was such a wonderful session, with this guy’s confidence in front of the camera, the wild setting and the sun at its very best…the stars were aligned. The original location that was chosen was unexpectedly unaccessible. Fortunately his mom and I quickly found a spot nearby that was just the edge of a parking lot and how very much I appreciated how easygoing this family is, and always has been. They don’t stress about a quick location change, and the photos reflect the ease, making them all the better.


I have been lucky enough to photograph this sweet handsome young man over the years. Each time I see him he is even more photogenic, talkative and playful than the last time. He came up with several great ideas for photos during the shoot and each one came out fantastic.

Drew is an exceptional young man, both giggling and silly, thoughtful and serious, and someone who has that little extra something that aligns the stars wherever he goes.

Vista, Ca

: : :

On a different note, I am excited to have my new logo and banner up on the website. The beautiful acorn in the logo was created by my sister, Pam, using one of her handcarved stamps that was then digitally scanned. I’ve been collecting acorns over the years, part of my heart is always back East where the very best acorns can be found and each year I sell many glittered acorns that find their way onto people’s Christmas trees and that is how I came to choose an acorn for my new logo.

one week old


He arrived one week ago today. Included are a handful of images from his birth story. The morning started out bright and early, a relaxing few hours for his mom and dad and then he was ready to see the world. He may have spent more time in loved ones arms than not, since that moment he came into the world last week. This little guy is the baby of the family, with lots of family and friends already in love with him.

birthstory_11 The sweetest of names for this sweet baby…Jude. birthstory_12birthstory_13birthstory_14 The newest big brother, the baby of the family until this moment. One of my favorite images from the day, he was truly in awe and so very curious about this new baby who looked so much like himself.birthstory_15birthstory_16

How fortunate I was to have the opportunity to photograph what truly is a miracle and the birth of my fourth nephew.

A remarkable day, quiet moments and a beautiful dance between these two who have done this dance before…only it’s a little different each time with the most amazing finale. Thank you for allowing me to document Jude’s birth. xo

Hospital / Poway, CA

Mike & Angeni


A wedding at the home of family members, a day filled with handmade touches and sweets lovingly coordinated to go with the breezy seashell theme. The day was just that, breezy, beautiful and filled with loved ones. Angeni and Mike truly have a circle of people around them, supporting them as they go forward as newlyweds. What a joy it was to be asked to document this lovely intimate ceremony, the photographs tell the story of their beautiful day.


An impromptu group photo with Mike’s side of the family, a whole lot of love in this group.


Congratulations Angeni and Mike! How very very fortunate you are to have found one another, wishing you the very best. xo

A Home Wedding in San Marcos, CA

free spirit


Yesterday this ray of sunshine woke up as a high school senior, today she woke up as a high school graduate. I hope she slept in for a very long time, woke up beaming and with that gorgeous infectious smile of hers, with the day ahead and no set plans, only to enjoy this moment. This photo shoot was done early in her senior year, she still had months of schoolwork and the confined days that are high school ahead. Today she is free, free to choose her own path, free to study and dive into what she feels passionate about, free to change her mind about what she’s passionate about, free to lounge around the beach contemplating her bright future and free to learn and discover her own successes.


This photo shoot was especially special to me, I am lucky enough to be within the circle of this amazing family. They are loving and large in number and full of joy and understanding and support for one another. Having her mom and grandma along for the shoot brought the perfect mix of giggles, hugs and sweet moments.


Sabrina has that extra spark, it is always a treat to see a person’s light shine through from behind the lens. She is intelligent and funny, inquisitive and thoughtful, beautiful inside and out, and has a golden future ahead. What an exciting time and how very lucky she is to be just beginning this new phase of her life.

Congratulations, Sabrina! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. xo

Buena Vista Park, Vista CA 


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